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Experience freedom in Iceland

Our top choices towards your Freedom in Iceland

Glacier Hikes

Not many people can say that they have hiked on a glacier - here's your ...

Private tours with Eskimos

Experience Iceland in a more private exclusive way with Eskimos private tours

Helicopter Sightseeing

Iceland in a Helicopter - Experiencing Iceland's sights and scenery by helicopter is truly ...

Horseback Experiences

Take a ride on the sturdy, strong and sure footed Icelandic horse. The Icelandic horse ...

Diving & Snorkeling

How about a dive between the European and American continents? Or a snorkle? Iceland is ...

Ice Climbing

Climb glaciers or frozen waterfalls - the ultimate Iceland experience!

Northern Lights tours

What is there to say about standing on top of a mountain in the Icelandic ...

Super Jeep Self Drive

Take on the role of the driver and drive your own super jeep in Iceland! ...

Whale Watching

Take part in an adventure at sea in the Icelandic fjords, getting a glimpse into ...


We offer a great selection of paddling adventures not only on the amazing fjords and ...

Hiking & Trekking

Iceland is a 103.000 square kilometer big hiking area. Simple as that!

Dog Sledding in Iceland

Want to go Dog sledding in Iceland? Here you get an opportunity to go Dog ...

Midnight sun tours

Private tours in the evenings are a great way to experience Iceland in a more ...

Fishing in Iceland

Sea angling and surf fishing in the sea, fly fishing or bait fisihing on rivers ...

Family Holidays

Enjoy real adventures with your children in Iceland!

Luxury Yacht Sailing

Sailing is one thing, sailing on a yacht is a whole other experience.