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Why not Travel to Iceland?

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It’s always exciting when you plan on your travel to Iceland. And how much more if you’re already there in the breathtaking beauty of this awesome island nation! And with a good reason of course!

Yes, despite its name, there are also Icelandic summers that are green and moderate

Iceland provides numerous attractions for its excited travelers and tourists regardless of when the visit will be. Take note that Iceland is a fabulous location for all seasons, right from the winter’s Northern Lights to the summer’s midnight sun. Hmmm…intriguing and interesting, right? And that’s not all—Iceland is known as the land of Viking heritage, aside from being known as the Land of Fire and Ice, make way and brace yourself for its legendary active volcanoes, gushing geysers, glorious glaciers, marvelous mountain views, wonderful waterfalls and picturesque villages. And not to forget that Iceland is also a land of impressive contrasts: the shifting landscapes at each turn, the natural geothermal heat and the cool windy breezes, and even more, the pristine virgin wilderness and the modern and vivacious capital city. There are more than enough reasons for you to travel to Iceland!

As an island nation nearby the Arctic Circle and considered to be the very least densely populated country in Europe, Iceland is deemed to be one of the world’s most unusual locations. Yet, despite of this, most tourists are pleasantly surprised to find out just how easily accessible it is—only 5 hours by air from New York and 3 hours by air from London

For sure, visitors looking for an amazing adventure will not be disappointed, with its miles and miles of attractive roadway enveloping the whole country and nonstop attractions for those outdoor hobbies—from family, kid-friendly and leisurely pursuits and activities, to those extremely physical activities fit for thrill seekers.

Yes, despite its name, there are also Icelandic summers that are green and moderate, complete with never-ending daylight during the midsummers and that is caused by the natural phenomenon better known as the fascinating midnight sun. And come winter time, those longer nights generate the best conditions for the famous Northern Lights—a majestic experience that’s usually on the bucket list of most tourists.

Here are a few things you might like to see and do in Iceland:

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