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Where to go in Iceland?

City life or the country side, there is a tour in Iceland for you.

So you have finally decided and settled on that you will go to the fascinating Iceland for a vacation. Therefore, the question that begs to be answered next is, “Where to go in Iceland?”

Usually, most tourists and visitors have their initial taste of this otherworldly island nation at Reykjavik—the capital and biggest city of Iceland. Reykjavik possesses some of the world’s most stylish and classiest bars, shops, restaurants and the best nightlife, of course! It can be that wild Reykjavík nightlife you may yet to experience! Bear in mind that during those light summer nights, the city almost never sleeps. This city also makes a great base for touring Geysir, the original geyser, plus, the simply divine and heavenly Blue Lagoon, the impressive waterfalls at Gullfoss, all kinds of volcano tours and not to be missed is the olden parliament site of Thingvellir.

During those light summer nights, the city almost never sleeps

Further than Reykjavik, Route 1, the ring road runs into encircling the island, not to mention that the tamed and wilder side of Iceland will soon manifest itself—those open spaces of the most clearest greens outlined by the pristine coastlines of the combined black and red sands which are all set amidst a verdant backdrop of the hills and mountaintops. Excellent and striking scene.

On the west coast, it is predominantly the towns of Reykholt and Borgarnes, both of which are essentially connected with the sagas, whilst the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, with matching stunning views of the monster glacier at its tip, is considered to be one of Iceland’s extremely accessible hiking spots. But perhaps Iceland’s most spectacular landscape can be found at the far northwest of this island nation, the West Fjords, in which small fishing villages cozy up at the foot of the of the table-top mountains. Wonderfully situated at the north coast, Akureyri is aptly known as the capital of the north and acts as the second city of Iceland. With a series of exciting restaurants and bars, it can indeed be a welcoming transition from all those tiny village hereabouts.

If you want to unearth and explore more of Iceland’s barren interior, it’s much easier to be a part of a guided tour and have professionals guide you there.

Here are a few things you might like to see and do in Iceland:

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