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What’s the Best Iceland Map for You?

Iceland Traveler Reference Map

If you’re traveling to Iceland and you want to really prepare for it, especially for the first-time travelers out there, what better way to be really prepared for it but by bringing some Iceland maps with you?

We checked out the Iceland Traveler Reference Map 1:425,000 (International Travelers Map) on the Web and let’s see what the reviews have to say about this Iceland map.

One user said that the Iceland Travel Reference Map was such a “great asset” to their recent family trip to Iceland. It was pretty useful and they used the map ahead of time in order to assist and guide them in planning which places and destinations to have a stop over all throughout their 8 days of visit around the Land of Fire and Ice; aiming for just less than 5 hours of travel time a day with still lots of time to catch up on all of the sites and attractions to admire and have photos taken.  The rip proof/water proof finish of the map was a really good advantage even after numerous hours of being passed or borrowed around to all of the 4 visitors. Yes, the map still remains to be in good condition! As for the Iceland map’s legend, it was truly useful especially in terms of determining the side roads, and they can easily venture into the places where they want to and to find those locations worthy of their interest.

 The Iceland Travel Reference Map was such a “great asset” to their recent family trip to Iceland.

Then another user said that he and his girlfriend bought the Iceland Traveler Reference Map as well as another map which is the Globetrotter map as they were driving from those east fjords over to the capital city of Reykjavik for a period of 4 to 5 days. But the latter one map is the workhorse map—extremely precise, helpful and if they wouldn’t have brought it or bought it, they would have been into trouble. Going around Iceland is becomes very easy since there is only a single real highway. That’s the reason why they consulted the former map on a frequent basis. But if to choose between the 2 maps, they’d rather go for the reference map since it’s easier on the eyes, plus, it’s more accurate. 

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