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The Beautiful Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Blue lagoon is a total "must" when visiting Iceland. 

The blue lagoon is said to be Iceland’s most famous and foremost attraction.

It is a giant bathtub which pulls 6 million liters of geothermal seawater from 2000 meters beneath the surface of the earth. Aside from the lagoon itself, there’s also a massaging waterfall, a sauna and a special steam bath carved out of a lava cave. And what keeps spectators entertained are the café, viewing deck and a shop.

The Blue Lagoon is in fact artificial and was made as an over-spill pool for the adjacent Svartsengi geothermal power station. And when electricity and the heat has been generated from the water, it is then pushed into the lagoon.

It is best to get there during the height of the summer solstice in June just in time when Iceland experiences just a few hours of darkness in a day and the skies are often blue.

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The first divine dip into the cloudy and warm blue waters make you feel like you’re actually taking the most fabulous bath of your life.

Seeing the rising steam move above the waters is indeed an amazing sight more particularly if you’re right into the spot wherein the sun just sets. But due to its high sulfuric content, there may be smells drifting around the Blue Lagoon that could be really strong.

Here are a few things you might like to see and do in Iceland:

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