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The Adventure Iceland You Can’t Resist!

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If you’re craving for an adventure in Iceland, then it surely won’t disappoint!

You can go on a caving tour on Cave Leidarendi. This activity is available all throughout the year as this speleological tour will transport you to spectacular destinations in Iceland’s most awesome lava tube caves and craters. These wonderful and natural phenomena were generated when the lava’s surface begins to solidify yet the magma flow into the tunnels.

This Icelandic adventure is all worth it!!

Cave Leidarendi is approximately 900 metres long and it’s located in a lava field adjacent a volcanic crater just southeast of Hafnarfjordur. Leidarendi lava tube is deemed to be a subterranean wonder world of nature. As you enter, it leads to a tiny pit which guides you down into the cave; the cave leads to both directions and then links into a couple of parts so it runs in a circular way. At times you may feel that the ceiling of the cave can get low, so you just have to crawl your way. But the ceilings and walls of the cave are collapsed in some few spots so it makes it easier to pass through.

During this adventure in Iceland, you get on the narrow entrances of the cave and discover they open out to exhibit amazing images of lava formations and especially vivid colors. You would be awed seeing its natural stalactites as well as its various rock formations giving you that almost impossibly majestic beauty. The caves then become wider and higher in locations with an even ground, nevertheless, the ‘expedition’ could be admittedly tough in places. In tours such as these, it’s always advisable to don durable yet comfortable walking or hiking footwear that are appropriate for traipsing on these rocky and uneven lava surfaces.

The major concern here is about safety and respect for nature aside from the fact that you’re here to admire its fascinating beauty. Take note that there are no lights, handrails or any other devices installed around these caves. This adventure is apt for all those who could walk on these uneven and tough surfaces. But all in all, this Icelandic adventure is all worth it! 

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