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Savor the Best of Icelandic Food

You don't want to miss out on taisting Icelandic food.

Curious about Icelandic cuisine?

Significant essentials of the Icelandic cuisine are dairy, lamb, and fish—since Iceland is near to the ocean. Popular foods include kleina, skyr, hangikjöt (smoked lamb) harðfiskur (dried fish), flatkaka and laufabrauð.

Icelanders consume skyr daily, anytime. May it be for breakfast, in snacks, as a dipping sauce (skyr-nnaise), as a drink (called drykkur), or, they can be useful with sweet toppings for dessert. And did you know that people have been known to sling skyr at the house of parliament throughout protests?

Yet another popular food in Iceland is the pylsa—or the hot dog. Take note that they are not just your ordinary hot dog in Iceland; they are made with lamb aside from the typical beef and pork parts. In addition, the presence of the lamb all the more deepens the flavor, that even in the overflow of condiments, you can still savor the lamby funk when you eat it.

 Popular foods include kleina,  hangikjöt, skyr,  harðfiskur, flatkaka and laufabrauð.

The most popular pylsa kiosk is located on downtown Reykjavik from across the harbor. It is aptly called Bæjarins Beztu that translates to “The Best Hot Dogs in Town”. You can order it “Clinton” style with just mustard, as the former American president did on his visit last 2004. Naturally, lamb—is that special flavor—boosting ingredient in Iceland’s hot dogs, and undeniably the country’s best source of culinary pride.

Icelanders take pride in their lamb and will tell you that theirs is better than any other lambs in the world, which is true since it’s really, really good! This is perhaps due to the fact that they allow their sheep to roam freely on the valleys and highlands and herbs and grasses before they are being corralled when winter comes. As a result, it’s an extremely tender meat topped with a gentle flavor.

Animal products are dominant in Icelandic cuisine. Popular taste has evolved, nevertheless, in order to get closer to the norms of Europe, and the consumption of veggies has truly magnified during the recent decades whilst fish consumption has noticeably diminished.

So what are you waiting for? Iceland is a fantastic destination filled with delectable gastronomic delights!

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