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Reykjavik Volcano - Iceland’s Beautiful Landscape

A visit into the volcano is just a day tour right outside of Reykjavik

Reykjavik is Iceland’s capital city and considered to be the world’s northernmost capital.

The coastline of the city is filled with islands, coves, peninsulas and caves. It also offers popular and gorgeous rivers, waterfalls, churches, glaciers and other hotspots.

The city is also named as the “North’s Nightlife Capital” and the celebration of New Year in the capital Reykjavik attracts many tourists to the location.

So if you want to explore Iceland more, you should include visiting and hiking on Reykjavik volcano as one of your activities to your tour. In fact, the city offers a couple of volcanoes for your day tours in Reykjavik so you must get a map to find their respective locations.

Explore and enjoy every minute of your Iceland vacation.

Riding the Super Jeep, you head out of the city to Thrihnjukagigur volcano which is the only spot where you could safely explore the magma chamber. This tour is called Into the Volcano and it is only 25 minutes away from Reykjavik and you can reach the volcano crater through the lava field. From the crater, you will descend down to the ground floor of the volcano. A cable lift will make the operation possible and it is surely a new and amazing world down there. This is considered a dormant chamber and the tour is only possible during summer. This is definitely an extraordinary tourist attraction that Iceland boasts about.

Another must-visit volcano that surrounds the city is the Mt. Hekla. By hiking the Þjórsárdalur Valley, you will have the magnificent view of the volcano. Hekla is an active and famous volcano in Iceland which last erupted in February 2000. Through Hekla, you will arrive to Landmannalaugar which considers being a volcanic zone. Relax on its hot waters while enjoying the beautiful sceneries in the area.
If you are with a small group who wants a different adventure, visit the Reykjavik volcano and discover the beauty molded by the violent activities underground. Make sure to have an experienced and trained guide when you visit these Ielandic volcanoes and make sure to take precautions as you explore the fires of the island.
You will not only enjoy the hotels, restaurants, spas, hot springs and Reykjavik nightlife but also the natural steaming jewels of the island. Explore and enjoy every minute of your Iceland vacation.

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