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Best Time to Capture the Northern Lights

So when is the best time to capture the Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights in Iceland, also known as Aurora Borealis, are natural phenomenal masterpieces or a glow which shows in the sky and can be seen at night.

These can be visible in the skies from the Northern Hemisphere. These Northern Lights occur in the upper part of the atmosphere and are generated by particles which enter the atmosphere from above, such as fluorescent light.   

Be sure not to miss it when you visit Iceland!

The Aurora Borealis are magnificent sights and could be often seen in Iceland during the winter time on those clear nights. These Northern Lights usually take place from March to April and from September to October and that is the best time for you to take a northen light tour to Iceland. Viewing is affected by a lot of factors like moonlight, urban light pollution, cloud cover, plus the light is affected by your chosen area. It’s very much nearer to the poles because of the magnetic field and longer duration of darkness. On average, you could witness these Auroral spectacle 100 nights in a year. And the best time to witness Iceland’s famed Aurora Borealis? Is during around midnight when the Auroral Oval of Iceland is said to pass over the viewer and the most active forms generally happen.

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