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Make the Most of Your Iceland Vacation

Iceland has got plenty of amazing activities for your family!

Iceland is a great choice for your next holiday destination.

There are variety of fantastic activities you can count on; from riding a snowmobile up on the side of glaciers, snorkeling in a vividly clear ice-cold water to dancing the night away till 5 am and traipsing over lava fields in order to mount a volcano, then pack your bags and don’t hesitate to head over to Iceland—the Land of Fire and Ice!

Yes, not why? Deciding on a holiday in Iceland with travel times and prices comparable to New York City or other sophisticated locations, you can ask yourself, yeah indeed, why not Iceland?

As a unique holiday choice, it can give you lots of offers: urbane and classy European city, untamed wilderness, warm and friendly locals, and most especially, virtually crime-free destination—all of these merely just a few hours away.

For our own Icelandic trip, we jumpstarted on Reykjavik, the home to approximately two-thirds of the 320,000 Iceland residents. The packed city center fills a tiny peninsula—the majority of its prominent attractions are (fortunately) just within walking distance. It was a divine experience basking each moment like combing downtown’s two major drags, the Skólavördustígur and the Laugavegur. The former leaning towards the arts and ceramics, and the latter toward high-class jewelry and clothing—and both of which are a cornucopia of bars, cafes and tourist emporia.

The best adventure we experienced was the midnight whale watching

Iceland’s many tourism establishments are actually abundant in terms of various info and details regarding Reykjavik and even beyond. As a matter of fact, we even brought a helpful guidebook. But then, everywhere we turn, we were able to find free pamphlets, maps, guides to local tours and accommodations.

The best adventure we experienced was the midnight whale watching—which is not included in the guidebook. Yes, whale-watching at midnight is not as odd as it sounds. Aside from the whale-watching center located on the pier you can go cycling; for about $35, Reykjavik Bike Tours offer comfy cruiser-types cycles with helmets and can pedal your way to a 2.5-hour tour around the peninsula which begins at 10pm.

See, Iceland’s got plenty of amazing activities for you and your family to enjoy!

Here are a few things you might like to see and do in Iceland:

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