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Jökulsárlón – The Lovely Glacier Lagoon Iceland

Icebergs, blue lagoon and black sand

Iceland is filled with gorgeous natural wonders that travelers never seem to get tired of.

One natural beauty the country is really proud of is Jökulsárlón and considered one of the famous tourist attractions in the island. The magnificent icebergs, the blue lagoon, the black sandy shore and the view of the Vatnajökull ice will definitely take your breath away. Sometimes, it's hard to believe that the glacier lagoon Iceland is real.

It is no doubt that this beautiful lagoon is one destination first time visitors should see. It draws a lot of photographers, tourists and film crews to the location. It has been in movies, magazines, advertisements, postage stamps and even as one of the favorite computer wallpapers in different parts of the world. It has been a backdrop for several movies such as Die Another Day, Batman Begins, Tomb Raider and A View to Kill. These films, as well as commercials, contribute on bringing the attention of many people to this stunning place. The beauty of the place is one of a kind and can only be found in Iceland.

The translucent colors of the floating icebergs on the lagoon are caused by the play of lights on the ice crystals

The lagoon only appeared in 1920s when the warm temperature caused the melting of Breiðamerkurjökull glacier. Today, Jökulsárlón is the deepest lake in the country due to the heavy melting of glaciers. The surface of the lake is considered to be the lowest point in the island as it gradually lowers every year. As the ocean tides affect the lagoon, it becomes a mixture of salt and fresh water.

The translucent colors of the floating icebergs on the lagoon are caused by the play of lights on the ice crystals. This is the result of the blue lagoon that amazes each and every tourist. One of the most picturesque moments in Jökulsárlón is at sunset as it reflects the sunset colors beautifully.

Summer is the best time to get on a boat tour around the lagoon and take some lovely pictures as your souvenir for witnessing the magnificent place. The glacier lagoon Iceland adventure should definitely be included in your tours as you visit the country. The charm of this place is surely one you should not miss when you are in Iceland.

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