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Iceland Trip - Enjoy a Fishing Trip to Iceland

Fishing and sea angling trips from Reykjavik Iceland

Have you ever imagined yourself standing at the edge of the water, holding a fishing rod, while also being in awe of the vivid vastness right before your very eyes?

Then it is not impossible to experience such delight when you visit Iceland and go on a fishing expedition; you will be enthralled by the exquisite scenery which is beyond anything you have seen, eagerly anticipating the various signs of your very first catch of the day while also mulling over your next successful catch.

Booking your day trip with a professional angling guide would provide you with all of these and more as you get to experience an unforgettable sporting day in Iceland. Fishing day tours are custom-made to suit either group or individual needs, from people who have no experience in fishing to those master fly fishers looking for specimen catches. It’s also a perfect family bonding activity wherein even kids aged 10 and above could take part actively and also experience the excitement of capturing their first fish ever. Your personal guide would choose the most feasible spot possible, considering the existing conditions, climate, the current catches; one’s casting capacity, the chosen method, etc.

Prepare for an exciting day ahead in your fishing trip to Iceland.

Here are a few things you might like to see and do in Iceland:

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Contact us for a great fishing trip in Iceland. We custom-design tours in Iceland for individuals, small groups and travel agencies and create experiences based on your specific time frame, interests and budget. We can also assist you with event planning and the provision of equipment for various activities such as parties/receptions etc., as well as other pursuits and activities. 

Our mission is to build your dream trip so you are free and unfettered to fully enjoy a great vacation.

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