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Experience the famous midnight sun and the Northern lights

Iceland is considered the “Land of Fire and Ice” and where one can experience the famous Midnight Sun and Northern Lights.

The natural beauty of the island makes it the perfect destination for people who get tired of the Pacific paradise. So if you are up to a unique adventure in Iceland, you should have the Iceland private guide especially if you are a first time visitor. From volcanoes to glaciers, lagoons, hot springs, waterfalls, nature reserves and stunning mountains, your adventure in Iceland will definitely make you come back.

You might want to visit the countryside of Hrunamannahreppur and Skeida and watch the Strokkur blow at the Geysir. Drive to Gullfoss waterfall and be amazed of its natural beauty. You must see the Langjokull glacier where you can have a snowmobile adventure for an affordable price. At the southern part of the glacier, you will be stunned with gorgeous mountains of Hlodufell, Lambahraun lavafield and Thorolfsfell and the black Rotarsandur sand valley.  When you head down, Thingvellir National Park is waiting for you.

If you want a true escape from the realities of life, Iceland will bring you to a wonderland full of jewels of Earth.

At the south of Langjokull glacier, you will go through the river of Asbrandsa and lava field of Lambahraun to the Hlodufell Mountain. You should visit the Klofningar Hills to have the view of Laugardalur Lake and hike them to reach the Laugarvatn village. You might want to include the crater lake of Kerid in Grimsnes to complete your highland adventure.

The eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull Mountain shook the small island but it left behind stunning landscapes that Iceland is truly proud of. Riding the Super Jeep, you have the opportunity to get a closer look at the now two new formed small mountains – Modi and Magni – after the eruption in 2010. You can also hike these mountains and walk on the hot lava field. This volcanic adventure is the one you will never forget ever.
So if you want to experience all these thrilling adventures in Iceland, you should have an Iceland private guide in hand. If you want a true escape from the realities of life, Iceland will bring you to a wonderland full of jewels of Earth.

Here are a few things you might like to see and do in Iceland:

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