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Explore Iceland

Explore the Land of Fire and Ice 

Iceland, also more popularly known as the “Land of Fire and Ice”, is a picturesque destination ideal for travellers dying for a majestic adventure.

It is called such since this country sits high within the North Atlantic east of the Southern Greenland, as it consists of some permanent sheets of ice. Packed with the glacial topped with untamed beauty which possesses an original culture filled with legends and myths, there are in fact much more to Iceland than its volcanoes and Vikings.

Exploring Iceland should definitely be on your Bucket list

See the sights of and sounds of the arts and music scene in Reykjavik, visit the coastal villages, be awed of the amazing Icelandic waterfalls as well as its geothermal geysers. Not to mention its famous beautiful Northern Lights—simply put, the Land of Fire and Ice is a sight to behold and you have to expect the unexpected!

Here are some top tour suggestions in Iceland:

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