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Discovering Iceland’s Volcanoes

Discover and experience some of Iceland volcanoes. 

Iceland has a soaring concentration of active volcanoes since it is located on the mid-Atlantic Ridge, a deviating tectonic plate boundary.

The nation has 30 active volcanic systems and the most active is the Grimsvotn. Of these 30 active volcanoes, 13 have erupted since Iceland’s settlement in AD 874. Over the last 500 years, volcanoes in Iceland have already erupted a third of the total worldwide lava output.

You can drive or hike upon a volcano, and you can even go into one of Iceland´s volcanoes if you dare.

The most lethal of their volcanic eruption in all of Iceland’s history was the so-called Skaftareldar or the fires of Skafta in 1783-84. That eruption was within the crater row Lakagigar on the southeast of Vatnajokull.

The eruption below the “glacier of Eyjafjoll” or Eyjafjallajokull glacier last 2010 was noteworthy since the volcanic ash plume disturbed the air travel within the northern Europe for many weeks. Nevertheless, this volcano is inconsequential in Icelandic terms. Before, eruptions of Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull glacier was succeeded by the eruption of the bigger volcano which is Katla, but after that eruption in 2010, no more signs of any impending eruption of Katla were seen.

In May 2011 volcanic eruption at Grimsvotn beneath the Vatnajokull glacier sent thousands of tons of ashes into the sky for days, which raised concerns of a repeat of the travel turmoil experienced across the northern Europe.

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