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Aurora Borealis Reykjavik A Magnificent Sight in Iceland

One of the most Amazing things in the world 

Iceland is famous for its extraordinary lights and Northern Lights is one of the most popular examples.

This phenomenon known as Aurora Borealis Reykjavik can only be experienced by locals and tourists during winter time. If you are fortunate that the night sky is clear, you will be stunned by the beauty of these twirling lights. They come either in light green or blazing with different colors across the vast sky.

Iceland is very fortunate to have this phenomenon and this has also made them as one of the world’s top destinations.

This Aurora Borealis happens when charged particles from the sun attack the atmosphere. Then, they form the aurora belts around the North and South poles and occur at the thinnest atmosphere of the planet. It is definitely a spectacular sight and you are a lucky person if you experience it as a first time visitor. Ancestors of the island believe that these lights are the spirits of the animals while Eastern culture believes that if a child is conceived under these amazing lights, he or she will have good fortune.

Aurora Borealis can also be seen in Alaska, Scandinavia and north of Canada. These countries experience Aurora activity a hundred times in a year and only visible to Earth during a clear and dark sky.

If you and your best buds want to experience this unique attraction of Iceland, then there are different tours Iceland offers. From boat to Super Jeep tours, you heat out of the city and enjoy this Aurora scenery. The key is to find a dark area where you could have a great view. Some go to high places to have a closer look and even take pictures of it.

However, there is no assurance of Northern Lights every night as some factors such as moonlight, clouds and light pollution could block your view. Make sure to check the weather or aurora forecast in order to witness one of the most mysterious and stunning sights in Iceland and in the world.

Aurora Borealis Reykjavik is a once in a lifetime opportunity and travelers try not to miss it to the world and witness it whenever they visit countries in Northern Hemisphere. Iceland is very fortunate to have this phenomenon and this has also made them as one of the world’s top destinations.

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