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Check out these Attractions in Iceland in Store for You!

Snaefelsnes, Snaefellsjokull glacier, Arnarstapi and more.

There are lots of beautiful attractions in Iceland in store for you! To give you an example, let’s run away and explore the picture-perfect Snaefellsnes National Park.

Merely a 2-hour travel from the capital city of Reykjavik, the Snaefellsnes Peninsula is an awesomely a world of its own! The whole peninsula was awarded previously of the Green Globe 21 certification, in which it acknowledges the genuine efforts of the eco-preservation all around the world. As of the moment, there are only 3 other areas on earth that has received this honor.

You can spend the day discovering and unearthing this yet unexplored and pristine wonderland, wherein nature’s best kept secrets are allowed to freely prosper and flourish sans human intervention. The landscape itself is like a scenery of peculiar and matchless lava formations, the sea is very much alive with cerulean marine life and the skies are its bluest blues filled with flying birds.

Be sure you have your cameras ready.

Take a trip for a nature walk on the serrated cliffs of Arnarstapi and then freely engross yourself with your friends in the charming images of the cute fishing villages and then marvel at the Snaefellsjokull glacier—in which the protagonists of Jules Verne’s most famous novel, “Journey to the Center of the Earth” discovered a passage that leads to the earth’s central.

Your itinerary starts at Reykjavik Hotel and arranged to a 2-hour drive to the Snaefellsness Peninsula. You’ll then jet set to Gerouberg, a scenic columnar cliff located in Hnappadalur Valley, and then to Olkeda—a natural spring with clean and potable water.

En route, you can stop over at the Snaefellsjokull glacier that soars into a snowy pinnacle of over 1400 metres high up above the sea and has long been a main figure in the Icelandic folklore as the haunt of fairies, troll and elves. Then make your way to Arnrastapi—center of Icelandic legend as home to a creature that was half-ogre and half-man.

Enjoy your journey all the way to the National Park—where you could walk on the sandy beaches and you can also see the magnificent razorbills enveloping the skies above.

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Snæfellsnes is a very interesting and beautiful place - be sure to visit there when in Iceland. Put Snæfellsnes in your backpack and tell us what you are looking for, a day tour, 2 days or even a tour around the whole country.