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Who are we?

We're your local experts!

This is who we are. We have a lot of B.A. and M.Sc. degrees in this and that.

We are also human, and really nice ones. We make an awesome team with all our little quirks and that is what really matters.

Friðrik Bjarnason

General Manager
+354 414 1516
Fridrik is not only a famous salsa dancer, he is also the founder of Eskimos. Since the year 2000 his company has grown to be one of the leading travel agencies in Iceland known for responsiveness and personal services.

Jean-Didier Raoul

Head of Incoming
+354 414 1504
It's a bit embarrassing for the rest of us, but this frenchman's knowledge of Iceland is way better than the average Icelander's. On his free time he strives to become a professional dart player & he also grows the most complex and sturdy beard.

Inga Pétursdóttir

Travel Expert
+354 414 1502

Andri Jón

Travel Expert
+354 414 1518

Hildur Ýr Ásmundsdóttir

Travel Expert
+354 414 1503

Loïc Björn De La Forest

Travel Expert
+354 414 1505

Katrín Magnúsdóttir

Travel Expert
+354 414 1502
K-dog as we lovingly call her, has a bigger network in the Icelandic restaurant scene than Jamie Oliver could ever manage. Representin‘ the northern part of Iceland, she knows those northern lights better than anyone.

Arnbjörg Jóhannsdóttir

Travel Expert
+354 414 1502
With roots in the Reykjavík ghetto, this lady knows the moves for our lunchtime Zumba classes and lights up when hiphop is played. We like to call her Happy instead of Abby – it is almost the same anyways!

Sara Jóhannesdóttir

Creative director
+354 414 1507
Sara keeps Eskimos cool, she can literally make anything look good! An avid baker (keeping the office very happy) and a faboulus photographer we are happy to be molded by Sara‘s imagination.

Sebastien Tranchand

Project manager web, marketing & operations
+354 414 1507
After moving to the far away land of Ice, this ever optimistic frenchman found his calling in getting more travellers to discover our island. Sure, we sometimes make fun of his accent, but his organising skills are nothing to joke around with!

Karen Lúðvíksdóttir

Accountant & Finance
+354 414 1510

Ragnar Bjarnason

+354 414 1510
Eskimos would never work without Ragnar. He is our glue, our saviour of many things. For example, he is the head of the coffee machine and keeps the coffee running in our veins - oh and he is also the finance guy.

Guðný Ósk Árdal

Incentives & Events
+354 414 1508
WOW did we hit the jackpot for sure with this girl! She has done many crazy things in her life, laughs more than she eats and could sell her granny with that smooth nice voice of hers.